How do you touch the hearts of kids around the world?

Imagination—imagining in action. It’s a wonderful tool! My children’s story books open a magical world where imaginations can soar.

I designed and developed this project to touch the hearts of children worldwide to embrace the joys, the hardships and the miraculousness of life’s experiences. They are centered around the magical world of carousels.

The theme of my stories not only opens a world of fun, magic, and adventure for both children and adults alike, it brings the attention to the magnificent carvings of carousel animals waiting to be given a personality and voice.

I fell in love with my palomino at Nunley’s when my family would frequent the carousel every Saturday—“Magic Saturday”—that is. Rosebud is the key that unlocked a door of imagination that changed my life forever.

Most children whose parents work to make the economic balance in their home, I believe, need time away from their electronics. I invite them to pick up a Carousels Are Magical Book and be delighted when enjoying art and text of an adventure story, while absorbing underlying values of friendship, family and their own ever evolving potentials.